When My Worries Get Too Big When My Worries Get Too Big

When My Worries Get Too Big


When My Worries Get Too Big! is now better than ever! While the core of this charming children’s book remains the same, focussing on teaching children how to recognise their feeling of anxiety and self-calming strategies, this expanded edition includes activities and ideas parents and teachers can use to help children cope with anxiety and the lack of self-control that often results.
The bestselling When My Worries Get Too Big combines relaxation techniques with the proven efficacy of Kari Dunn Buron’s 5 Point Scale to help the ever growing number of children who struggle with anxiety in their daily lives.
More than any other issue, losing control can cause major problems for children. Through the irresistible character of Nicholas, this book gives young children an opportunity to explore with parents or teachers their own feelings as they react to events in their daily lives while learning some useful relaxation techniques. Children who use the simple strategies presented in this charming book, illustrated by the author, will find themselves relaxed and ready to work or play.

paperback book
ISBN: 9781937473808

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