Weighted Laps - Jungle animals design

Weighted Laps - Jungle animals design

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FOSS Weighted laps are made with food grade, non toxic, quality plastic beads. These beads are fully washable and may be tumble dried. The lap is made with a fully structured inner cotton bladder that divides and separates the beads for even weight across the lap.
Once the bladder is constructed, the lap is then covered in a durable cotton outer cover.
Our lap size is approx. 50cm by 40cm but can vary as each one is hand rather than machine made.

To get the best out of your lap wash in cold water with a mild detergent and lay flat in shade to dry. If you prefer to dry in sunlight, please turn regularly to avoid fading of you cover. Tumble drying is fine but please note the weight capacity of your dryer as overloading can cause damage to your dryer.

Other weighed and patterns also available.

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