Time Timer - 12 inch ( 30cm ) Time Timer - 12 inch ( 30cm ) Time Timer - 12 inch ( 30cm ) Time Timer - 12 inch ( 30cm )

Time Timer - 12 inch ( 30cm )


Great for teaching “sense of time”
We often say to our children that we will leave in 5 minutes… But once said we rarely do ACTUALLY leave in exactly 5 minutes. This can make learning passage of time hard for children and in particular those with learning delay or additional needs. Having a visual and accountable demonstration can help greatly and lead to more timely departures for school , bedtime or for monitoring length of time on homework or games. I have used my time timer for years and still love the benefits it gives to my children.
Size 30cm

The 12” Time Timer is the heart of any classroom or boardroom. Students learn more when teachers are able to spend more time teaching instead of refereeing. Meetings stay on track when everyone in the room knows how much time is left.

At the front of the room or hanging on a wall, the disappearing red disk on our largest timer is used by teachers and business professionals around the world to:

Manage activities and reduce stress of transitions
Ease testing anxiety as students are able to see at a glance how much time is left
Sharpen concentration when students try to finish “before the red is gone”
Avoid confrontations over shared resources
Keep meetings on schedule
Manage speakers, presentations and breaks at large events
Coordinate practice time and game breaks
12-inch Time Timer features:

Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
No ticking, no distractions, no setup required
Optional audible signal when time is up

Also available in 8 inch and 3 inch sizes

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