Moh doh - Breathe Cool Blues Pack

Moh doh - Breathe Cool Blues Pack


Colour and aromatherapy go so well together, so we have here some of our fantastic mohdoh and have partnered it with our colour therapy glasses.
Included in this pack is
1 x mohdoh Breathe
1 x Blue glasses
1 x Aqua glasses.

Mohdoh Description -

Breathe is a powerful remedy that combines the proven elements; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy to create an extremely effective yet fun way of dealing with the symptoms associated with hayfever, coughs & colds and breathing difficulties.

As the Breathe dough is moulded the carefully selected essential oils are vaporised and inhaled providing fast and effective relief from the symptoms of hayfever and coughs and colds. At the same time the specially selected colour of Breathe helps to soothe and nurture breathing.

As the dough is kneaded, essential oils are not only vaporised and inhaled, but absorbed through the skin. The concentration of oils is carefully controlled to ensure that Mohdoh is both safe and effective.
At the same time, the carefully selected colour of the dough will help to balance the energy centres that are out of harmony.
The synergistic effects of touch and smell can be very effective in treating a number of stress related complaints (as with massage) and the squidgy, tactile nature of the dough has in itself a soothing, calming effect.
These three therapeutic elements of Mohdoh combine to form a powerful holistic therapy that really works…

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Breathe Mohdoh is 100% non toxic, fully complies with EN71 safety legislation and uses only the purest natural essential oils. Breathe will last for approx 3 months from opening.

Mohdoh is NOT tested on animals.

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