Large Foam Ball Pit

Large Foam Ball Pit

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Big, strong and well made. Balls or foam not included.
- FOSS suggestions for ball pit use…
I think we fall into the trap of thinking at we can only use a ball pit if it is full of coloured balls. This is fun but not the only way of using the pit. Foam off cuts are also a great way of filling your ball pit. Pillows is another. Here at store we often line the ball pit with a tarp and fill the base to about 2 inches with Gelli Baff or slime mix, throw in a few glow stixx and it makes for a great treasure hunt idea. (lot of little plastic bugs and treasures to find, use your imagination and the options are unlimited)
If you find a great new way to use your ball pit, let us know!

Suppliers Description

Ball Pool/Ball Pit
A GREAT addition to your sensory room/gym!
Made out of quality PVC/Vinyl and high density foam

200×10×50cm (long side)
150×10×50cm (short side)
200×150×5cm (floor )

Great to fill with either balls or foam off cuts

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