Dinosnores Pterosaur CD

Dinosnores Pterosaur CD


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Brand: Various

A sleepy pterosaur glides through the twilight sky high above the ocean back to its cliff top home. 30 minute relaxation story within a 1 hour wind and flying soundscape. Pterosaur sleepy story is a creative relaxation story for primary school kids. Children visualize themselves as pterosaurs soaring through the sky on powerful wings, creating a sense of calm, control and strength. Packed with facts about pterosaurs to satisfy the most pedantic young paleontologist, this CD is loved by kids. And best of all, the soundscape of wind and flying helps children settle at bedtime, ready to be their best tomorrow. This clever sleep story has a 30 minute relaxation within a one hour soundscape allowing children to stay settled and undisturbed by household and neighborhood sounds. Recommended by psychologists, created by speech pathologists and loved by kids.


ISBN: 9830422198

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