Dinosnores - Mountain Stream CD

Dinosnores - Mountain Stream CD


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Just about every new parent talks about their baby’s sleep issues – and their own! And no wonder, when it has such a huge impact on well-being. Mountain Stream CD helps babies sleep and develop their listening skills. Current research shows babies can recognize the speech sounds of their mother tongue at birth – after their time listening and learning in-utereo. And babies continue to learn by listening to language after birth. The benefits from lots of exposure to speech, sounds and music are well established. Dinosnores Mountain Stream CD has been developed by experts in language development, using calming female voices, a slow rate of speech, and soothing soundscapes that last a full hour. It is an essential part of every new parents toolkit – great for both babies and children. Dinosnores sleep CDs – developed by child language experts recommended by psychologists and loved by parents!


ISBN: 9780992414818

Publish Date: 2/1/2014

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