Basic Hand Skills Classroom Pack

Basic Hand Skills Classroom Pack


Basic Hand Skills Classroom Pack – Includes a full size box of 120 HB Jumbo Triangular Pencils + 3 Jumbo Sharpeners + 6 easy hold Caterpillar Rulers + 6 Premium Stainless Steel blunt tip scissors + a set of 6 Insect Stencils.

Individual descriptions below.

Pencils -
Jumbo triangular HB pencils have been designed especially to correct those awkward grips that hinder free-flowing handwriting and drawing.The unique triangular shape encourages correct pencil grip from a young age.
Each pencil measures 175mm x 10mm.

Ruler –
Ideal for small hands and children with co-ordination difficulties. This robust 30cm plastic ruler with both centimetre and millimetre markings has a strong ‘caterpillar’ handle making drawing and measurement an easier and positive task.

Scissors –
These left/right handed scissors are made with premium, stainless-steel blades. Blunt tips make for safe cutting. Measuring 135mm ( use with supervision for younger children )

Stencil –
These durable, thick plastic stencils, can be easily cleaned with soap and water after being used with paint, markers, chalk, pastels etc. Includes both the positive and negative of the stencil, therefore 2 of each insect. Stencils can be used in a variety of different art projects. Set of 6 measures 130mm x 160mm and includes a Spider, Ant, Bee, Grasshopper, Beetle and Dragonfly. Subject to available stock, substitutions may apply.

Material Data Safety Sheets Available

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