Basic Classroom Calming and Focus Pack

Basic Classroom Calming and Focus Pack

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This pack has basic calming tools for the classroom. Included is 5 x balance disc ( 30cm ) with a smooth or textured side. These can be used under foot as a wobble fidget or as a cushion for on the chair or floor. Next included is 2 x body socks ( please select sizes below in options ) These can be used as in class chillout suits or in a quiet corner for deep pressure therapy calm out. Also included are a set of 3 bubble timers and a 12inch Time Timer. Lastly there is a soft foam Rollease therapy roller to use as an all over body massager to apply deep pressure relief.
Package shown is including 1 x Body Sock in the Medium size and 1 x Small – Please use the drop down menus below to adjust for required sizes.

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