About Chewable Products...

Autism Resources Australia stocks a varied range of chewable jewellery and other products.
These are listed as recommended resources for those with ORAL MOTOR SENSORY NEEDS.
Although you may find a wide range on our pages, not all chew products are suitable for various individual needs.
For this reason we have the following suggestions, recommendations and warnings for you to consider before purchasing and during the use of your oral motor chew.

1 – Not all chews are suitable for babies. Please never place a corded chew product around a baby or very young child’s neck as this can risk strangulation from the cord or even be a choking hazard if the child chews and swallows the pop apart safety clasp. For these reasons we recommend that products be fully supervised and necklaces be worn by an adult for use while with the child. This applies not only to children under 3 but to any older children that may also be at risk due to disability or for any other reason.

2 – Not all chews are the same. Some chews are softer and therefore for younger more fragile teeth. These may not be suitable for older children with high oral motor chewing issues and may you find that you need a stronger more hardy chew for your child or adult. For these we recommend you try our more solid and thicker chews to suit your needs.

3 – Chew bangles, necklaces etc, are not immortal. All products used in the mouth need to be checked regularly for signs of damage and fatigue. If you find your chew is in any way not solid or is showing signs of weakening, WE RECOMMEND YOU REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY AND PURCHASE A REPLACEMENT CHEW PRODUCT. This warning is to save your child from any potential choking danger from loose or damaged areas of your chew product. We recommend that common sense be used and supervision given for any products that your child or charge places in their mouths. We recommend you keep these products clean with a regular wash in hot soapy water, rinsing well and stored in a clean container. During washing can be a good time to check your chew for any signs of damage or concern. Please remember to also check and replace your cord when needed, and remember to never tie your cord to shorten. If needing to shorten the cord please follow our diagram instructions below.

4- We hope that you take the above points into consideration when choosing your oral motor products but we would also like to offer some assurance that ALL oral motor products on our website are proven products, made with user safety in mind. If you are unsure about any of these products, use or care, please contact us for more information.

General instructions for shortening your cord.

1- Firstly put the cord and chewy onto the child or adult that wishes to wear it and take an approx measurement along the cord to see how much shorter it needs to be. Remember that you need a usable length for that child or adult. Too long and the chew will be unmanageable and too short it may not reach the mouth easily and therefore not be much use as a chewie. Also keep in mind at this stage that if you are intending to shorten both cords rather than just one end, the measurement must be halved to achieve the required all over length.

Diagram 1 below shows that you will need to now pop open the pull apart tab. This might be firm if popping for the first time.

2 – The next step is to push the knotted end of the cord out from inside the popper ends to show the knots. There is no need to undo these knots as they will be cut off later. Continue to push the cord through until you reach a point on the cord that is suitable to shorten the cord the required amount. Once at that point tie another knot in your cord. Repeat this on the other side if choosing to shorten both sides of the cord. BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER… This is a good time to check the length of the new knotted ends to see if they are now the correct required length. Only when you are happy with the new length should you go ahead to step 3.

3- Once happy with your new length, check the new knots to make sure they are big enough not to pop through the small end hole on your pop tabs, but still small enough to fit neatly inside them. Make sure they are nice and tight and then cut the cord a short distance above the new knot towards the old one. Once the extra is removed, then you should be able to pop both of your tabs back together and your chewie is ready to wear at the correct length. Remember, measure twice and cut once….